Bringing comfort to men in their daily lives with simple, elegant and authentic clothes, that was the desire of Justin and Patrick who created Vinifera at the heart of a vineyard.

At work or when having dinner with friends, they used to wear a  well-fitted shirt. After a meal or at the end of the day when the body relaxed a little, elegance was no longer there to be seen.
The polo shirt, with its stitched knit, appeared as the ideal alternative.

A polo shirt with quality finishing touches, combining a well-fitted cut, classic colours and a genuine softness brought by the 100%  noble Egyptian cotton coming from the best soils. And above all, a collar that remains impeccable because it is innovative and specially designed by Vinifera. This very special collar makes it posssible now to wear a polo shirt under a jacket.

The wine stands for friendliness and socializing with friends, it is the symbol of our values of elegance, authenticity and simplicity. Justin and Patrick would like to gather all the men, who , like them, are looking for comfort in their daily lives. The energetic and active men, today, embody these values at work and in their personal lives. They demand quality, comfort and style to their clothes and look for a casual and elegant look.

The polo shirt under the jacket becomes the only alternative to the shirt. It is a brand new look that men can adopt without moderation !



In 1855, a family settled in the French provinces and started working in a vineyard. Step by step these wine-growers enlarged their know-how, searching for the ideal grape. This great family has faced time, remaining loyal to their values of authenticity, elegance and simplicity and the reputation of their wines has kept increasing day after day.  At the end of summer, one of the ancestors would proudly wear his redingote and his white shirt to celebrate the joy of the harvest time and the result of a year of work. Today, this family still improves its know-how to offer exceptional wines.

Having inheritated these wine-growers’ values and their love of the land, Justin and Patrick have created this new read-to-wear brand : Vinifera with the authenticity of its products, the simplicity of its cuts and colours and the elegance of its materials. In keeping their family’s commitment they have given birth to this new look Vinifera.



was born at the heart of the vineyard and has always been fond of new trends and fashions. Loving his land and loyal to his family’s values, he combines his strong will to his enterprising spirit to offer a new range of clothes which embodies elegance and the world of wines.



is a real gourmet and loves great vintage wines. He supervises the birth and the maturing of the different designs of our range. His rigor and his dynamism come from his different experiences as a manager and  he has today the ambition of refining his taste in order to  offer you a range that you will appreciate without moderation !

« Nous nous engageons à apporter à l'homme un confort au quotidien,
avec des vêtements simples, élégants et authentiques. »