General terms & conditions

Vinifera is a simplified joint-stock company whose head office is at :
10, route nationale

SIRET NUMBER 814 876 421 00011

Contacts :

+33 (0) 6 50 93 75 60

Preamble :

The general terms and conditions mentioned below are here to inform the consumer very precisely on Vinifera’s commercial policy. We remind you that these general terms and conditions are linked to the orders that you are likely to place. Thus when confirming an order on you agree to enter into a contract based on Vinifera’s general terms and conditions.

The object

The general terms and conditions constitute a contract between Vinifera (the seller) and the consumer (the buyer).

Characteristics of the goods

The products sold on constitute Vinifera’s offer. Vinifera is entitled at any moment to modify its collection and to change the list and the ranges of its products. The garments are made of a 100% cotton according to a unique know-how whose copyright belongs to Vinifera.

The products shown on the website are those available in our e -shop through the page e-shop on our website. Their precise description can be found on the e-shop pages. The available sizes are S, M, L and XL.


The price of our Chardonnay polo shirt is 69€ including tax and VAT.The price of the Merlot polo shirt is 75€ including tax and VAT. The price of our Pinot polo shirt is 79€ including tax and VAT.

Those prices do not include delivery except for some special offers.

Special offers

The special offers constitute a temporary discount ( indicated at their launching) on your purchase. They mustn’t be sold or exchanged. Moreover, they can’t be added to other promotional offers.

Customer service

Our customer service is at your disposal for any information you need before buying or after your order. Our number is +33 (0)6 50 93 75 60 ( current prices according to your provider)

Geographical area

Vinifera’s offer concerns France and abroad. The delivery charges can vary from one country to another.


Placing an order implies a total acceptance of and agreement with our terms and conditions. Once your order has been validated, Vinifera immediately starts its preparation. We might refuse the delivery of one order for the following reasons :

-the information on the order is incomplete

-the banking information is not valid.

-the product(s) is or are no longer in stock.

-if the payment by cheque or tranfer hasn’t been received after 8 calendar days after the validation of the order.

-if we suspect that the order is likely to be resold.


Vinifera offers the following methods of payment : credit cards ( with the service from the Caisse d’épargne) and Paypal. Cheques and tranfers.

Credit card payment

The payment is done through the following secure services. Caisse d’épargne and Paypal. When your payment is done, your account is debited at the validation of your order. If your payment is refused we do not deliver your order.

Payment by cheque

Please send us your cheque payable to Vinifera to the following address :

10 route nationale
02310 Saulchery

Your account will be debited 3 or 4 working days after the receiving of the cheque.

Transfer payment

When placing your order, choose this payment by transfer when you validate it, our site will give you the account number on which the payment shall be placed.

Confirmation of the order

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation by mail. Your invoice will be sent with the products.

Reservation of ownership

Vinifera has a reservation of ownership of the products until the full payment of the order’s total amount.


The cost of delivery is calculated according to the weight of the parcel. The delivery is free for all 100€ orders in France. The delivery is done by Collissimo, your signature is needed at the receiving of the parcel, in 2 or 3 working days in France, according to geographical distances.

Vinifera puts its delivery in the hands of La Poste and is responsible for the parcel in case it doesn’t arrive or is lost. Moreover, Vinifera is responsible if it commits an error in the order or a mistake in the packaging. However we can be exonerated from all or part of our responsibility in bringing proof that the non-fulfilment or the breach in the contract is either the customer’s responsibility or an unforeseeable and insurmountable fact , a third party or a case of emergency.

Withdrawal and exchange

You have a period of 14 days, starting at the date of delivery to cancel your purchase. After this period, your products won’t be exchanged or reimbursed. But , you can send the order back to us if one or several products have a flaw, provided you can prove it. If you have changed your mind and wish to cancel your order, please call the customer service at the following number +33 (0)6 50 93 75 60 or send us an email at the following address : to inform us as soon as possible. If the products have been sent or if you have received them, please send them back to us and we will reimburse you. The products can be reimbursed or exchanged under certain conditions :

-they mustn’t have been worn (except for trying them on), mustn’t have been deteriorated or washed and must be in their original condition.

-They must be sent back in the original packaging (including the wooden gift box) with their tags and the other documents.

-Include the invoice of your purchase.

-Please remember to send the products in a package adapted to their dimensions.

It is possible to return only a part of your order. Only this part can give way to an exchange or a refund. Please remember to indicate the motive of the return of the goods, and if you would like an exchange or a refund by phone at the following number +33 (0)6 50 93 75 60 or by sending us an email at

The order shall be sent back to the following address :

10 route nationale
02310 Saulchery

The delivery of a new order is free if one or several products were flawed. If you change your mind and cancel your order. This same order and the cost of delivery are paid back once we receive the order back or with a proof of dispatch. The refund is done using the same means of payment as the initial order-unless you explicitely ask for another means- in 14 days max after the date we are informed of your decision. Please note that we have no obligation to refund the additional cost of a more expensive delivery price if you choose a mode of delivery that is not the standard delivery we offer. If our refund exceeds a delay of 10 days after the delay mentioned above, the amounts automatically increase by 5% if the delay is between 10 and 20 days, 10% if the delay is between 20 and 30 days , 20% if the delay is between 30 and 60 days, 50% if the delay is between 60 and 90 days and by 5 additional points for each late month up to the price of the product or the legal interest rate.


The compliance guarantee applies for Vinifera’s products provided they show a flaw in the compliance.(article L.211-4 and following of the Code of Consumption). The compliance guarantee against hidden defects also applies (articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code). Please note that the compliance guarantee doesn’t apply for the defects that can be seen at the purchasing of the product(s). In this case, the company will replace the product without any cost in a period of 30 days. If Vinifera cannot do it or if the defect is important, the company will reimburse the price of the product.


Vinifera’s responsibility comes to an end when you have received your products and they comply with the legal standards. In addition to that, the responsibility for the order can be excluded (see paragraph on delivery)

Personal information

Vinifera is committed not to share the data you gave us during the placement of your order. You are entitled to a legal access and modification to your personal information. You just have to contact us by phone +33 (0)6 50 93 75 60 or by mail at

Intellectual property

The elements that can be found on the Vinefera’s website ( texts, pictures, designs, logos…) remain Vinifera’s exclusive intellectual property. Their use (except for private usage) is strictly forbidden and can lead to legal prosecutions. In addition to that, it is strictly prohibited to sell Vinifera’s products without the company’s consent.

Legal disputes

In case of a legal dispute , the case will be heard by the Tribunal d’Instance.